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MIT License - Copyright (c) 2022 Andrew Garcia, PhD

Ever wanted to draw simple 3-D voxel models from numpy arrays? Now you can do that with voxelmap!
Voxelmap is a Python library which streamlines matplotlib's Axes3D.voxels by assigning each integer in an array to a voxel.

pip install voxelmap    # install for the first time
pip install --upgrade voxelmap    # upgrade to newest version (recommended)

Due to the many dependencies for this package, it is recommended to run voxelmap using a virtualenv virtual environment. To do so, follow the below simple protocol to create the virtual environment, run it, and install the package there:

virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install voxelmap
python [your-voxelmap-script.py]

To exit the virtual environment, simply type deactivate. To access it at any other time again, enter with the above source venv... command.

Copy/Paste Script Examples

Click on the images below for their Python source code.

Want to learn more?

Check out the Colab notebook below, which makes a nice tutorial:

Thanks! 🙌

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voxelmap on Github


A Python library for making voxel models from NumPy arrays.

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