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Image Map to 3D from Pixel Intensity

Andrew Garcia

This algorithm simulates depth from the relative pixel intensity of a grayscale image. In voxelmap, the CCIR 601 luma protocol is used to convert the input image to a relative grayscale 2-D "intensity" matrix, after which the numbers in the intensity matrix are broadcasted as dimensional array space (or depth), in a third-order array, which is used to render a 3-D voxel model.

image image

GPU memory space complexity:

This current method renders a cube from every "n" input point. In computer graphics, a cube is composed of 12 triangles, and thus, the GPU space complexity is 𝒪 (n*12).

For a more sophisticated, new method which uses a convex hull algorithm to triangulate the image to a mesh, the input points are used as vertices to triangles which make a polyhedron in 3-D space. As this newer method cuts the image into "s" sectors to increase resolution, the space complexity approximates to 𝒪 (n*sqrt(s)/3).